Procedural Planet

Supported APIs

D3D12 Vulkan
Supported Supported


  • Traditional Deferred Pipeline
  • 2 G-Buffers * UV & Terrain Elevation * Normals
  • Reconstruct view space data back in shading phase from buffers
  • Multiple Passes - Noise Pass & Sky Pass –> Terrain Pass –> Water Pass
  • Blending for Water Pass to be rendered on top of Terrain

G-Buffer Layout

G-Buffer Ouputs
Depth Buffer G-Buffer 1 G-Buffer 2
Depth Frame Normals Frame UV & Elevation Frame
float: Depth float4: Normals float4: UV + Elevation
Final Frame
Main Frame

Project Notes

This was the first project sample to be made on Azura. It was first built on Vulkan and then later ported to D3D12. You can find the source code for this sample here.